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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


R&D: Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast menu

In February, 2009 Dunkin Donuts introduced the first breakfast sandwich featuring waffles.


Rooting for beer

Beer and wine service may be coming to a quickservice restaurant near you. Reportedly, White Castle, Starbucks, Sonic and Burger King’s Whopper Bar are all conducting limited tests.

Although American craft beer gets most of the ink and blog posts these days, there is a lot more happening in the ale arena. With sales of U.S. domestic macrobrews in decline and imports growing at just 1.3 percent, the big brewers are trying harder, with new products and brand extensions.

Carmike, operator of 252 movie theaters, recently reported a 7.3 percent fourth-quarter increase in sales and a $4.29 average spend per customer at concessions.

Takeout’s sibling, delivery, is seeing notable activity as well, and it’s mainly coming from third-party providers and the investors who seem to love them.

Operators from the Top 100 Independents ranking detail what's plaguing them the most: including their biggest problems and how they're responding.

With Taco Cabana's parent reportedly attracting interest from private equity, here's a look at other fast-casual taco brands seeing investments from such firms.

Although economists are still assessing the implications of the proposal, certain provisions are clear wins for restaurants.

The husband and wife team who started the chain have sold a controlling interest to TPG Growth.

An analyst suggests the chain could be a fetching target, but a deal would be costly.

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