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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Restaurant sales, traffic slowed in February

Sales increased 3.7% for the 200 largest chains as customer counts weakened, the Technomic Chain Restaurant Index shows.


McDonald’s stock soars on better-than-expected sales

The company’s stock rose 5% Monday even though traffic fell in the first quarter.

The highest-volume purchases for most sit-down breakfast programs are typically bacon and eggs. Industry pros help you make smarter buys.

Flavored syrups play a major role in the beverage service of many operations, showing up in cocktails, smoothies and espresso-style drinks.

George Washington's 200-year-old distillery at Mt. Vernon is once again in action. Micro-distillers are firing up their stills to hand-craft boutique spirits.

Like other aspects of the industry, the smoothie segment has been impacted by the economy.

“We looked at three elements: the carrier, the protein and the flavor enhancers,” Scott explains.

You know the signs. Customers don’t even look at the drinks menu anymore. Trendwise, your signature cocktail is so last year. Beverage sales in general are on the decline. It’s time to do something to get guests ordering those high-margin drinks again. Here are the first steps:

Potatoes, seafood and almonds are three commodities that are key players on restaurant menus. Drought, high feed prices and other factors have wreaked havoc on several staple foods in the supply chain this year. How are these three commodities trending as we move into 2013 and how can they enhance the menu?

Now that every other venue offers big screen TVs and half-price beers, it’s crucial to start building a loyal customer base early through strategic promotions. And there’s still time to snag sports fans, as football fever really heats up with preseason August games.

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