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FishChoice.com 2.0: Offering Sustainable Seafood Buyers Improved Online Access to More Sources

FORT COLLINS, CO (September 15, 2010)—FishChoice.com, a free, online tool, which helps chefs and retailers source more sustainable seafood, is releasing version 2.0 with new features developed through user feedback.

With more companies large and small under pressure to change their buying policies to avoid purchasing and selling unsustainable seafood products, FishChoice.com fills a gap in the sustainable seafood supply chain. As the first online searchable data base of sustainable seafood products, FishChoice.com provides a way for retail and food service buyers and distributors to easily and quickly locate and connect with producers of sustainable seafood.

  • Aggregated Ratings: All seafood products listed on FishChoice.com will continue to meet the stringent sustainability requirements of the six leading seafood conservation organizations: Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, Blue Ocean Institute, New England Aquarium, FishWise and Sea Choice. In response to user feedback, FishChoice.com has aggregated all sustainability information in one place so users can see the ratings of each organization at a glance. Explanations of ratings and certification are also included.
  • Geographic Search Capabilities: A new map-driven regional search function lets users find products landed or farmed in their region. For example, users will find 83 products from the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon).
  • Better Producer Information: Users will also have access to more detailed information about featured producers on FishChoice.com. Buyers can obtain detailed product information, with just one click, about producers like JP’s Shellfish, a supplier of oysters, mussels, crab, clams and lobster from the U.S. Northeast.
  • More Products: FishChoice.com currently carries over 750 different products, offering buyers an easy way to find sustainable sources of the most popularly consumed seafood varieties including shrimp, tuna, and salmon, as well as sources for more difficult to find, up-and-coming items like U.S. farmed scallops and Arctic char.

“All of the major seafood conservation organizations agree on the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and helping consumers and seafood buyers make better choices. For the first time, FishChoice.com has compiled all the ratings and certifications of the major organizations into one list. This is a boon for seafood buyers, consumers, and our oceans,” said Sheila Bowman, senior outreach manager for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

FishChoice.com works with the six leading ocean conservation organizations to compile the most current seafood rankings and certifications, and partners with Sea Fare Group, Inc., as well as companies all over the world, to find suppliers that meet the requirements of partnering organizations.

FishChoice.com also provides a way for sustainable producers to find new markets for their products.

“Sea to Table's mission from day one has been to connect small-scale fishermen, harvesting sustainably, with buyers across the country, and to help these fishermen build a market for their catch. Listing our products on FishChoice.com has provided us with the opportunity to connect with a whole new group of like-minded buyers," said Sean Dimin, Co-Founder, Sea to Table. 

According to a National Restaurant Association survey, sustainable seafood is one of the top dining trends of 2010. FishChoice.com provides restaurants and retailers with an easy way to find and sell more sustainable seafood to hungry consumers, and support the fisheries and aquaculture operations that are preserving seafood for the future.

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