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Breakfast, reinvented

Moms and health professionals can rejoice: It seems, finally, that Americans are getting serious about breakfast. With big QSR chains such as Taco Bell getting into the breakfast game and the rising popularity of weekend brunch, it’s clear that focus on the morning daypart is growing stronger.

For savvy operators, innovative breakfast menus can be a way to boost sales—and not just in the morning. Forty-eight percent of consumers say that they enjoy eating breakfast foods at non-traditional times, according to Chicago research firm Technomic. With a little creativity, operators can develop menu items that have all-day appeal for consumers.

Although the sweet-and-savory flavor trend can transition sweeter breakfast flavors, such as maple or cinnamon, to lunch and dinner menus, it’s breakfast’s rich, bolder flavors that shine brightest later in the day. For example, Paulie Gee’s, an upscale pizza concept in Brooklyn, N.Y., offers a pizza inspired by the breakfast classic Eggs Benedict. Called the Greenpoint Benedict, the pizza includes fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, Canadian bacon and a Hollandaise sauce that’s drizzled on the pie post-baking.

Similarly, other traditional breakfast items such as hashbrowns can be as versatile on lunch and dinner menus as they are on breakfast menus. In fact, 71 percent of consumers say that they’re interested in eating hashbrowns in the afternoon or evening, according to Chicago research firm Datassential. To that end, high-end steakhouse Chicago Cut offers hashbrowns as a side item on both its lunch and dinner menus, and Hash House a Go Go, an upscale diner chain based in San Diego, menus a savory pork rib and hashbrown dish on its dinner menu.

For more information or for breakfast menu ideas that span all dayparts, click here.

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