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Cheese, please! Add some fun to the menu with this delicious selection

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In restaurants, fewer ingredients steal the show as often as cheese. From stretchy mozzarella on a pizza to a sharp slice of cheddar on a flame-grilled burger, cheese is the ingredient that makes the dish. But it’s not just popular, well-known cheeses that restaurants should be offering. In fact, operators can benefit greatly from offering artisanal, specialty cheeses. Three key benefits of offering specialty cheeses stand out: They offer operators the ability to meet every consumer’s preferences, they offer flexibility and versatility across the entire menu and they offer the opportunity to boost check averages and increase revenue.

Catering to diner preferences

Different diners want different flavors and textures in their meal. While one diner may crave the rich smoothness of goat cheese atop a salad, another guest might want a funky, unique blue cheese to top their steak with. By offering specialty cheeses, operators make it so that diners don’t have to settle for just the basics. Imagine a chicken sandwich topped with smoked gouda instead of cheddar or a flatbread featuring Manchego, arugula and a balsamic drizzle—these are far from the ordinary, and they provide diners with a familiar yet unexpected choice. By keeping an array of specialty cheeses in the kitchen, operators can be prepared for whatever customers want.

Menu versatility

Specialty cheeses also offer menu versatility, giving operators the flexibility to use the same ingredient on the appetizer menu that they do the dessert menu. For example, Schuman Cheese Hand-Rubbed Fontina is perfect for an array of dishes and diners. For instance, a novice cheese eater may gravitate toward familiar flavor profiles such as Dijon & Herb fontina on a chicken salad, while diners who have tried many cheeses and want something they’ve never had before will be intrigued by options such as Mayan Cocoa Coffee fontina on the dessert cheese plate.

By using specialty cheeses that offer versatility, operators can offer great food, from craveable small plates to unforgettable desserts—and everything in between.

Boosting revenue

Finally, specialty cheeses give operators the chance to boost check averages without adding extra labor to the back of house. Operators can offer a few cheeses, such as cheddar, American and Swiss as their standard options and offer specialty cheeses as an upcharge. Many consumers, seeking a customized dish that’s prepared specific to their likings, will opt for the premium upcharged cheeses, leading to a boost in check averages and revenue for operators. Best of all, offering premium specialty cheeses from Schuman Cheese doesn’t add any extra steps for the kitchen staff, making it an economical option, too.

Specialty cheeses make just about any dish a little bit more special. Beyond offering operators the ability to cater to every consumer’s tastes and flex their culinary creativity, they also have the potential to boost revenue without adding labor. What’s not to love about that? Learn more about all Schuman Cheese has to offer restaurants at schumancheese.com. 

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