Cook-and-serve options deliver consistently great taste with less labor

As restaurants across the country continue to face labor shortages, operators are seeking solutions to lighten the load in the back of house without sacrificing quality and great taste on the menu. One solution that checks all the boxes is using cook-and-serve foods that deliver consistently delicious results while requiring less work to prepare.

Benefits of cook-and-serve products

Amid labor crunches, it’s understandable that operators have sought out solutions such as streamlining the menu, including eliminating some options that may take too much back-of-house labor to produce. Unlike from-scratch foods, cook-and-serve options such as Macaroni and Cheese, and Lasagna from Stouffer’s products require no measuring, chopping, dicing or other time-intensive steps. With low labor options on the menu that customers love, operators can trim labor needs and increase profitability without removing crowd-pleasing dishes from their offerings. Additionally, these convenient solutions ensure consistent results—no broken sauces or produce that’s not quite ripe or ready to be used when it’s delivered.

With superior hold times, Stouffer’s products are also ideal for getting takeout and delivery orders prepped and ready to go quickly—without having to worry about how the food will taste upon arrival. Cook-and-serve options also free up labor in the back of house, and staff can focus on signature items that can only be made from scratch instead of executing a fully from-scratch menu.

Quality, convenience and consistency

Restaurant operators know that the key to a successful menu is working with ingredients and foods that deliver great taste every time, and that is why it’s critical to use ingredients from trusted brands and suppliers that can deliver on those needs. Stouffer’s is a leading brand in this category, according to Datassential’s 2022 Brand Study, and offers an array of cook-and-serve options made from real ingredients that offer the quality operators and consumers alike demand. Cook-and-serve options simplify food safety, offer the simplicity back-of-house staff needs and consistently deliver the delicious taste consumers crave—what’s not to love?

As the No. 1 recommended brand in the category among operators, Stouffer’s offers the solutions today’s operators need and the flavors diners love. To learn more about Stouffer’s cook-and-serve options for restaurants, click here.

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