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Crema Smart™ is intelligent dairy that doesn’t skimp on flavor

Dairy innovation company JoeFroyo is on a mission to make dairy that is more thoughtful, more functional and more intelligent. With two functional lactose-free dairy beverages under their belts—Probiotic Cold Brew™ and Clean Label Creamer™—the company is expanding its dairy philosophy into two other dairy staples with their new Crema Smart™ line: ice cream and powdered half & half.

Crema Smart™ Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream— but mostly about the calories. And the sugar. And the fat. And, yes, the stomach-aches afterward. But it’s ice cream, so consumers all willing to forgive a few (okay, a lot of) transgressions in the health and wellness department to get another scoopful of the stuff.

Well, not every consumer, as it turns out. Zach Miller, founder and president of JoeFroyo, wanted to find a way to add more functional benefits to ice cream and tone down the stomachache-inducing lactose. After developing a proprietary process for creating a lactose-free cultured dairy base, Miller saw an opportunity to make ice cream even more scream-worthy and, well, smarter.

The result is Crema Smart™ Ice Cream, a high-protein, lower-calorie probiotic frozen treat that may be pint-sized but packs a huge nutritional punch—and doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Launching at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show, Crema Smart™ Ice Cream will debut a trio of classic flavors—chocolate, vanilla and cold brew latte—with additional flavors coming soon, including caramel macchiato, espresso chip, cookie dough, Moose Tracks® and more.

Crema Smart™ Powdered Half & Half

Now, while people may not be screaming for it yet, Crema Smart™ lactose-free powdered half & half is perhaps even more exciting. JoeFroyo is the first company to powderize half & half—a feat which the dairy establishment said couldn’t be achieved.

But not only havhas JoeFroyo created the world’s first powdered half & half, it’s also lactose-free, cutting down on the stomachaches; and it contains probiotics, adding valuable health benefits from live & active cultures.

“It’s such a great on-the-go option,” says Miller. “Perfect to keep in your bag for rushed mornings or to take with you when you’re camping. We like to say this product lets you have the creamy coffee you love, on the countertop or on a mountaintop.”

Find JoeFroyo at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show

JoeFroyo will be exhibiting and sampling products from all of its lines at Booth #10002 at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show.

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