Expand Seafood Offerings To Meet Consumer Demand

King & Prince Seafood

Consumers are increasingly choosing to eat fish and seafood when dining out—according to Technomic’s 2022 Poultry & Seafood Consumer Trend Report, 45% of consumers eat seafood at least once a week, 26% say they are eating more seafood now than they were two years ago and 37% say they expect to eat even more seafood in the coming year. The reasons are varied—55% say they are eating healthier and consider seafood options to be healthier, while 35% say they like more of the seafood options available at restaurants now and 27% say they are eating more because there are more seafood options available at restaurants.

In short, consumers are looking for and interested in ordering seafood dishes—which presents a big opportunity for operators. When adding seafood options to the menu, it’s key to tune in to what diners are looking for—42% of consumers prefer to eat wild-caught seafood versus farm-raised, and 38% of consumers say it’s important to know which country the seafood is from, so sourcing should be highlighted on menus.

King & Prince Seafood offers operators an easy way to add more seafood dishes to the menu. Diners are interested in freshness, flavor and variety when choosing a seafood dish, and the versatile options from King & Prince make it a breeze to craft delicious seafood options diners will love. What’s more, King & Prince Seafood options offer a healthy choice consumers can feel good about—new formulations with less sodium and more protein mean diners don’t have to sacrifice the nutrition they’re looking for when ordering seafood.

To ensure diners find something they love on the menu, consider offering a variety of formats, including handheld options, bold flavors and classic, familiar favorites. Need some inspiration? Try these ideas:

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