Foodservice That Starts On The Farm: What Operators Should Know

Land O Lakes Foodservice

In recent years, consumer awareness surrounding where food comes from and how it’s produced has seen a dramatic shift. Whether shopping at a grocery store or dining in a restaurant, consumers are increasingly aware of these things—the ‘farm to table’ movement made consumers think more about where their food was coming from. The same is true for foodservice operators. That’s why we think it’s important for operators to know that Land O’Lakes is a farmer-owned co-op and has been one since 1921.

5 reasons why farmer-owned matters

  1. A farmer-to-fork mindset informs how the cooperative works–from the farm and rural communities they call home, through the supply chain and global markets that help strengthen our food supply, to foodservice and finally a customer’s plate.
  2. Purchases from a farmer-owned cooperative benefit the member farmers and the rural communities they live in.
  3. For farmers, sustainability is table stakes, and they share a responsibility of stewarding the land for many generations to come. For restaurant operators, working with suppliers and producers who share these values means contributing to that common goal.
  4. A shared entrepreneurial mindset—just as farmers find themselves putting in long hours in the heat and solving problems in the moment, chefs bring the same dedication to their craft, managing their operations and creating delicious meals in their kitchens.
  5.  Commitment to high-quality products and innovative, diverse offerings. From the consumer brands found in stores to the foodservice products available through distributors, Land O’Lakes invests in developing new and innovative products for customers. 

Quality dairy products for every menu

Land O’Lakes, being farmer-owned, is dedicated to supporting the farmer community and its continued success. Today, the co-op supplies some of the most widely known and used products in restaurants and foodservice facilities, including butters and spreads, cheeses, sauces, creams and more—perfect for creating virtually any dish and adding rich, indulgent flavor to the menu.

To learn more about Land O'Lakes and its farmer-owners click here.

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