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How to get more out of the menu

3 ways quality ingredients help restaurants offer quick, adaptable menu items
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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many restaurant dining rooms to close, and as a result, owners have shifted their entire business model to accommodate takeout and delivery orders. In tandem, consumer behavior has changed as well—diners are ordering regular meals, of course, but they’re also ordering things such as family meal kits and even grocery-style orders, with staples such as eggs, cheese and milk included.

As operators have updated their strategies to include more menu options—offering family-sized dishes, off-theme menu items, more comfort foods, etc.—the importance of quality ingredients has become even more apparent. Here are three ways that quality ingredients such as premium cheese help restaurants offer great meals while allowing them to get more out of their menu.

1)    Quality ingredients last longer

Restaurants have had to be flexible and adapt quickly to every new guideline set forth for serving during the pandemic. Slower business has been a consequence of the closures, and using quality ingredients can help operators respond to fluctuations in demand. Quality ingredients have a longer shelf life, meaning less goes to waste and operators can enjoy a bit more predictability for their ordering schedule. Without having to worry about throwing away spoiled products, operators can set reliable dates for planning orders and can also keep plenty on hand for cooking “on the fly,” whether creating new specials or serving large groups, for instance. By keeping a stock of delicious cheeses on hand, operators are set up to make an array of dishes at any time. 

2)    Quality ingredients offer versatility

By stocking quality cheeses and other ingredients, operators can increase their flexibility in the kitchen by ensuring they are prepared to create a wide variety of menu items as necessary. Whether top-selling menu items are a charcuterie board with cheeses served sliced and cold or at room temperature, or a rich and indulgent macaroni and cheese with cheeses melted into a luxurious sauce, using quality cheeses can meet any need. By stocking quality cheeses, operators can create any number of dishes that their customers will love at a moment’s notice—from omelets at breakfast to burgers for dinner and so much more—all with bold and creamy flavor.

3)    Quality ingredients make dishes more high-end

Finally, quality ingredients can make any dish feel more high-end and upscale. Cheeses transform even the simplest dishes—consider how  a sprinkling of mozzarella or Parmesan upgrades spaghetti and meatballs—and they also make the difference between what a consumer might make at home and what they order from a restaurant. For example, they might make a grilled cheese sandwich at home with classic American slices, but at a restaurant, a four-cheese panini served with a side of roasted tomato soup fulfills that same craving for something warm and comforting—but in a more upscale way (and one that’s worthy of upcharges for add-ons such as avocado and bacon). Quality cheeses make upgrading any dish quick and easy—and with brands such as Schuman, it can actually be more affordable, too. 

To learn more about how high-quality cheeses help restaurants get more out of their menus, visit schumancheese.com.

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