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Unpack global flavors with a world of fruit recipes

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Travel may be slowed or halted in many parts of the world right now, and challenges may be ongoing, but that doesn’t mean diners can’t go on an enthralling culinary adventure. A virtual visit to Southeast Asia can be savored via a rice bowl teeming with flavor, while a jaunt to the tropics is as close as a bag of frozen fruit puree.

Fruit is a key ingredient in many enticing globally-inspired dishes, lending vibrancy to the palate and color to the plate. Here are some routes to take to the destination of menu success with fruit:

Memory makers: Fruit is familiar and, in that sense, is a comfort food that reminds people of ways they have enjoyed it in the past, whether at home or on a previous vacation or away-from-home occasion. Those memorable and feel-good experiences can be brought to life with something as simple as a beach-style fruit smoothie or a ceviche starter made with 100% pineapple juice, mango frozen puree, mango cubes, diced purple potatoes, tomatoes, red onion and cilantro. 

Unexpected discoveries:  Get creative with fruit ingredients across daypart menu items to surprise guests with a burst of flavor and color. Give a new wakeup call with a superfood smoothie blended with coconut lassi, turmeric, mango frozen puree, 100% pineapple juice and mango cubes blended and topped with sliced strawberries, mango chunks, goji berries, chia seeds, coconut and mint. Transform ordinary pizza into a pie with international flavor by swapping traditional toppings for n’djuja sausage, pineapple tidbits in 100% pineapple juice, garlic and smoky Scamorza cheese, finished with fresh herbs. Elevate dinner handhelds with a grilled portabella “burger” paired with sweet and sour mango cubes, ribbon-cut pickled carrots, jalapeno, daikon radish and fresh cilantro, all drizzled with blackberry sriracha made with blackberry frozen puree. 

Easy road:While there is an inherent fresh taste and visual brightness to fruit in a range of dishes, it’s also convenient to put on the menu. Ready-to-use fruit ingredients are as simple to incorporate as opening the package and adding the items with other ingredients. DOLE fruit selections for foodservice are available in a variety of formats that allow for both inventiveness and ease of use for foodservice operators, including pre-cut cubes, chunks, purees and juices, with the added benefit of a long shelf life and simple storage.

Diners will appreciate additions to their menus that reflect their taste for something different and exciting, yet familiar and enjoyable. To learn more about how to start the journey with a full itinerary of globally-influenced recipes, visit www.dolefoodservice.com/

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