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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


8 menu takeaways from a whirlwind LA tour

To stay ahead of the trends, steal these ideas from innovative LA restaurants.


Is bone broth a blip or a good bet?

Bone broth supposedly helps you sleep, aids digestion and nutrition absorption, and strengthens bones and hair. Heck, even Kobe Bryant is a fan, according to SI.

A look at French sweets beyond crepes and creme brulee making guests gasp, “Ooh la la!”

Restaurants are increasingly adding a common pulled pork cut, a Spanish sausage, a trash fish and an upscale beef product to their menus.

See which toppings and crust types are cresting on this indulgent favorite.

The chain is bringing back last year’s short-lived LTO, but this time, on a larger scale.

The double chili-cheese burger will be available through the end of the year.

The chain is promoting three holiday offerings, two of which are new.

Start 2018 off right with these five better-for-you recipes.

Using soups as an ingredient, sauce or other speed-scratch helper can be an easy, delicious way to create signature dishes.

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