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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


On breakfast menus, Latin’s hot but healthy’s not

In just nine months, the number of restaurant locations offering breakfast menus grew by 13 percent, according to the Breakfast Insights of Champions report recently released by Chicago research company Food Genius.


Global assembly: Asian flavors hit sandwiches

Although sandwich consumption is high—people eat more than three per week, reports Chicago research firm Technomic—there’s a lot more competition to differentiate with flavors and ingredients in the quick-service and fast-casual sandwich segment.

While salads remain the go-to healthy choice in restaurants—76 percent of consumers order salads with some frequency, according to Chicago researcher Technomic—49 percent of patrons would like more varied options.

Chefs and industry folks aren’t the only ones who blend pleasure and profession over restaurant meals. At Winsight Media, we are constantly tracking trends.

Low-cost indulgences by the big burger chains, the next steps in customization, and turning cabbage—the pickled type—into the green type.

At Moe’s Southwest Grill, a new item has about a 10% chance of making it from the idea stage to the menu, and the process can take as long as a year.

Take autumn offerings up a notch by featuring seasonal favorites in new, unexpected ways.

A look back at the most surprising, fun and thought-provoking menu fare at chains this past year.

The nostalgic, no-cook treat is popping up beyond ice cream joints.

These six recipes call for specific fruits but most are flexible enough to accommodate whatever varieties are most abundant.

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