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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Noodling around with customization

As protein prices continue to climb, operators are taking a closer look at pasta to help balance food costs.


Flocking to chicken

To offset beef prices, chefs are turning poultry into a center-of-the-plate signature.

A bunch of chef-driven upstarts intend to introduce Nashville’s unique style of fried chicken to consumers who’d welcome something better than the heat-lamped fast-food variety.

As chicken concepts proliferate, here’s how some operators are riffing on the standard chicken sandwich—whether by ruffling feathers at breakfast, adding an ethnic edge or stepping outside of their usual offerings.

One intrepid Restaurant Business editor eats her way through eccentric fare at the National Restaurant Association Show.

Markers and masking tape used to be the norm for keeping tabs on ingredients, but now more advanced tracking has become ingrained in many restaurant kitchens.

Chain restaurants are motivated by down-home, affordable and operationally efficient meatloaf.

The under-the-radar ingredients emerging on menus this year.

The trend toward local sourcing of ingredients is prompting chefs in different parts of the country to revisit local dishes. Each of these recipes has a story to tell.

The most intriguing new restaurants around the country are staying on top of today’s trends. These concepts will be the focus of the closing session at next month’s Restaurant Trends & Directions conference in Chicago.

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