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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Taking dessert to new heights

While most full-service chains are downsizing dessert lists, unique sundaes are up 35%. Ted’s Montana Grill has jumped on the trend with its seasonal strawberry shortcake.


The next global breakfast hit

A North African egg dish with American appeal sees menu growth.

Sweet fixin's of the South are on the rise on chain restaurant menus.

The majority of consumers (57%) eat a burger at least weekly How do you make a burger craveable? Start with signature touches, like these recipes do here.

Here’s what’s happening in food and drink that can power your menu in the year ahead, as seen and heard at the sessions and in the aisles of this year's convention.

Summer is grilling season—the time of year when many consumers are taking their cooking outside to the barbecue grill. Get grilling now with these recipes.

The potato might be the ingredient of the moment in the limited-service sector.

The pizza will be available starting Oct. 16 until the end of the month.

The chain is also offering craft beer pairings with the dishes.

For restaurant operators looking for ways to add umami to their menus, there are several ingredients that help do so in delicious ways.

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