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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


In praise of braising

Boost flavor and cut costs by braising parts of the animal that you may have overlooked.


Bar bites add to customer experience at Chicago’s Bar Pastoral

Aptly named, bar bites are designed to pair perfectly with any beverage program. For Chicago’s Bar Pastoral, bar bites are a natural extension of the experience Chef Brooks Hart hopes to create for customers: a communal dining experience with an emphasis on non-traditional, quality ingredients.

Successful menu additions keeps guests coming back for more, a key strategy in today’s traffic-challenged climate.

By reformatting the dish—and using ground meat instead of sliced leg—Millman now is able to offer lamb for $15 instead of $35, appealing to younger diners.

Menu Auditions, as Blue Coast calls its LTOs, debut seasonally and help set apart the regional chain from national competitors such as Chipotle.

Looking for places to eat—and ideas to take home—during the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix? Check out the concepts from the emerging leader that industry vet Sam Fox has his eye on.

In our latest roundup of off-the-wall menu items, Olive Garden goes deep dish, Bob Marley is resurrected in an LTO and a popular campfire dessert is, well, on fire.

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