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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


New trend in menus: Celebrating chefs' whims

Listings intended to indulge chefs' moods at the moment, a Japanese tradition, are appearing in a broad range of restaurants.


5 ways to market fruit and vegetable rejects on the menu

Vegetable scraps and imperfect produce are making it onto the dining table instead of getting tossed in the trash.

The culinary world didn't know about lobster rolls or hot chicken until those regional specialties were embraced by the restaurant mainstream. Will these peculiar favorites be the next local dishes to catch fire?

Local favorites like half-smokes and finger steaks may not be widely known outside of certain areas, but that could change.

5 operators are pairing the bird with more than waffles.

The 2017 National Restaurant Association Show featured four days of chef demos on two designated stages, the Foodamental Studio and World Culinary Showcase.

Operators recently have discovered the power of hand-breading as a simply executed extra step that can transform ho-hum fried foods into something special.

The new chicken tenders are now made with 100% white meat chicken breast and contain no artificial flavors.

More and more, breakfast diners are seeking the kinds of global flavors and less-familiar preparations that food trucks have brought to the fore.

Forecasters weigh in on what will impact menus next year.

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