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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Sauce is hot—in more ways than one

Restaurateurs are increasingly using sauces as a means to differentiate, customize and let customers control what they eat. There’s the added advantage of exponentially increasing what’s offered without complicating kitchen operations.


Food safety in a post-Chipotle world

Centralized kitchens to prep ingredients, DNA testing of product and hiring a dream team of food safety specialists all are moves to deliver safe eating.

With flexitarian diets in vogue, operators must make their veggie offerings stand out.

Surprising skewered foods bring Instagram-worthy delight.

The demand for seafood skyrockets during Lent. These seafood recipes can easily be added to the rotation now, but may prove popular enough to stay on the menu.

Nevermind better burgers. Chicken is ruling the roost for limited-service restaurants, as the latest round of limited-time items attests.

Several actionable food and drink insights bubbled up at a recent conference on restaurant trends.

Operators are turning to turkey for innovative as well as healthier takes on popular menu items.

To keep diners interested, chefs are experimenting with new, craveable burger offerings.

Now that chillier weather has arrived, add something new and satisfying to the menu rotation with one of these recipes, each hearty enough to be an entree.

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