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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Why the timing is right for Native American cuisine

Converging trends support the emergence of American Indian foods.


4 wild and crazy ice cream concoctions

These operators go beyond the standard cones, sundaes and flavors to indulge fans.

A fast casual downsizes its sandwiches to boost traffic.

For operators that want to offer the best and most profitable comfort foods on their menus, taking regional preferences into account is key.

As customers continue to seek out global flavors, operators are expanding their repertoire to more parts of the world. Here are five favorites.

Men and women each reveal which chain limited-time offers they deem most craveable.

Rushed, unpredictable schedules, as well as the latest menu trends, call for snacks that satisfy at any time of day. These recipes are a must-try at the holidays.

Guests can enjoy an order of fajitas with a cup of queso and two cinnamon-dusted sopapillas for $9.99.

Chains built around chicken wings are rejiggering menus to keep costs in check.

Competition between the buns heats up as operators raise their game to win customers.

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