Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


5 ways to change up breakfast

Operators are coming up with menus and service styles that take the boring out of breakfast.


7 ethnic snacks trending on menus

As dayparts continue to blur, restaurants are grabbing between-meal customers with unique flavors and global foods.

The recipes here highlight the flavors and ingredients of Korean, Filipino, Burmese, Tunisian and Turkish cooking that are gradually emerging on more mainstream menus.

A lack of supplies and staff means a restaurant must wing it.

The new menu items will be available for a limited time.

These recipes are a perfect way to celebrate National Vegan Month and to introduce new dishes to customers. They feature hearty ingredients combined in inventive ways.

These recipes focus on global preparations and other dishes with smaller portions of meat balanced by vegetables, fruit and other ingredients. Read on to find out how.

The new Archburger would be made with sixth-pound, fresh-beef patties.

The chain is removing cheeseburgers from the meals as part of a bid to make them more nutritious.

New offerings range from the interesting and stealable, to the out there and way out there.

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