Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Pizza Hut debuts Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza

The new item is being positioned as the ideal pizza for the holiday season.


Restaurants lean into festive to-go desserts

Operators are appealing to consumers' time constraints with sweet endings for off-premise celebrations.

The chain's first dessert is off the menu—here's what's in the pipeline.

Check out these versatile, craveable flavors, everyone wants to double dip.

The industry has made considerable progress in adopting health and sustainability as menu influences, but the trend has not been without its challenges, as this week's Menus of Change conference attested. Here are some of the sticking points.

Check out how African, Indian, Middle Eastern and Filipino cuisines are trending and how operators are working to incorporate these new flavors in their dishes.

Cross-contamination is the biggest challenge with gluten-free menu items. Prepare them in small batches, in designated containers, and store them in a...

The restaurant breadbasket has been evolving, moving away from a ho-hum selection of dinner rolls and baguette slices to more varied and unique items. Now a growing number of operators are elevating bread service even higher—and in some cases, charging for the goods

Celiacs may have spurred demand for gluten-free menu options, but experts say that only 1 percent of the 44 million people estimated to be in the gluten-free audience have celiac disease. While some of these consumers may be gluten intolerant, research shows that about 29 percent simply perceive gluten-free as a healthier way to eat.

Matthew Rice, pastry chef at Girl & the Goat, celebrity chef and co-owner Stephanie Izard’s inventive small-plates concept in Chicago, knows that customers like a mix of flavors, textures and temperatures in plated desserts and gives us a sneak peek at his creative late-summer menu addition.

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