Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Dessert, hold the gluten

Chef Jehangir Mehta reinvents the classic sundae for a growing segment of consumers.


Heating up with summer flavors

The summer season provides the perfect opportunity for restaurants to incorporate seasonal flavors into menus.

Before David Burke’s Fabrick opened in New York City last May, Executive Chef Adin Langille worked with the restaurant’s namesake to develop an upscale rendition of chips and dip to fit the modern American shared plates concept. The result: a smooth twist on guacamole that embodies Burke’s style and Langille’s innovation, and still plays to customers’ penchant for the familiar starter.

Pizza Hut only now is getting in the gluten-free game, besting its rivals by launching completely gluten-free pizza this January, crust and toppings included.

Smaller portions of meat go a long way as chefs make room for more vegetables. Here's where food and drink are going next.

Since the surge of Sriracha, other hard-to-pronounce ingredients have been gradually popping up on menus, giving consumers both practice with tongue twisters and opportunities for exotic dining adventures. Here's a look at some striking ingredients on the rise.

Burger King debuts a hot dog-burger mashup, pretzels make a mark during breakfast and the state fair gets an unlikely homage at a QSR.

Restaurants are taking eggs Benedict in new directions with unique ingredients and techniques.

Traditional pestos are getting reworked with various herbs, nuts, chili peppers and veggies.

News that Wendy’s added Bacon Ranch Fries to its lineup prompted a passionate discussion on craveable sides here at the Restaurant Business editorial office.

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