French Toast

Classic French toast is adorned with butter and syrup and perhaps a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. But this simple breakfast favorite has grown in scope in the brunch world. French toast is now being served up in new and inventive ways—all decidedly decadent.  

Norma’s Café
New York, NY
“Crunchy French Toast” adds a tempting textural dimension to the eggy bread. Large slices of brioche are covered with warm caramel sauce in this dessert-like breakfast item; $21

Portage Bay
Seattle, WA
For this oven-baked French toast, homemade bread is soaked overnight in a ginger and blackberry custard, baked, sliced and cooked on the griddle until golden.  Topped with a drizzle of vanilla crème anglaise; $12

Los Angeles
This thick French toast is served with poached prunes and mascarpone for a subtly sweet accent to the breakfast classic; $10

Chicago, IL
Chai Tea French Toast is made with bread soaked in Chai latte and stuffed with ricotta cheese. It is served in a Chai tea latte reduction sauce and topped with honey and caramelized apples; $8.99

Miss Shirley’s Café
Baltimore, MD
A breakfast twist on coconut cream pie, the French toast here is stuffed with cream cheese, shredded coconut and bruleed bananas before being dipped in an almond egg mix and topped with strawberries; $11.99


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