Glazier Foods Honored with 2012 PaceSetter Award

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ (November 12, 2012 - PRWeb)—1WorldSync announced it honored Houston-based distributor Glazier Foods Company with the 1WorldSync 2012 PaceSetter Award. The award honors outstanding achievement in the use and expansion of GS1 industry standards through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).

1WorldSync Americas Managing Director Dan Wilkinson commented: “We applaud Glazier Foods’ commitment to the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative’s goals of rapid adoption of global data synchronization this year. Within three months of launching their GDSN initiative, the company was receiving synchronized product data from more than 100 suppliers, representing thousands of products. This roll-out is one of the fastest we’ve experienced. Their milestone demonstrates the ease of implementing GS1 standards and the readiness among industry suppliers to streamline operations and provide trusted data across their supply chain for their customers.”

Glazier Foods President John Miller said, “Our partnership with 1WorldSync provides us the opportunity to serve our customers with accurate, consistent information on their items. Additionally, we will realize significant operating efficiencies within our merchandising department by reducing item research and setup as we can now use one source to obtain all information. The ability of 1WorldSync to work smoothly and continuously with Glazier and our trading partners has allowed us to move quickly into the GS1 Foodservice Initiative.”

1WorldSync enables companies to connect and communicate product information with trading partners and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their collaboration through the GDSN. With 1WorldSync, companies register and synchronize supply chain information through the GS1 Global Registry, which serves as a centralized information repository. The elimination of information inaccuracies helps companies achieve a wide range of business benefits.  

Glazier Foods Director of Information Technology and GDSN Project Lead Michael Rasmussen explained, “By easily synchronizing data through 1WorldSync, we now can blend this information into customer and co-worker applications. The ability to create and offer value-added services to and for our customers will give our sales force another advantage when they walk in the door of prospective accounts.”


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