Goat: The other red meat

While Americans are the largest consumers of beef in the world, the rest of the world is enjoying goat. Not only is goat the most consumed meat in the world, accounting for nearly 70 percent of red meat consumed, it’s lean, making it a healthier option, with less fat, cholesterol and higher protein on a pound for pound basis. Goat’s emergence onto mainstream American menus has slowly increased over the past three years, and availability of the meat has been limited, but that momentum is shifting into high gear.

La Varra
Brooklyn, NY
Gurullos: Handmade Murcian pasta, goat butter, ground goat (optional), and sumac; $15

AZ Canteen
Target Field, Minneapolis, MN
Canteen Burger: A lamb/goat blend fully dressed with house-made chips; $N/A

Houston, TX
Korean Braised Goat and Dumplings; $14

Little Goat Diner
Chicago, IL
Sloppy Goat: Sloppy joe gone goat with rosemary slaw on a squish squash roll; $N/A

New Orleans, LA
Malaysian Red Curry Goat Empanada: Curried goat, Brabant rutabagas and caramelized parsnips, baked in house-made short pastry, served with basil, mint cucumber raita and sweet potato tostones; $14

Mi Rak Korean Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
Goat Meat Hot Pot: Goat meat, spicy broth with vegetables and served in a hot pot; $15
(Grilled, roasted and stewed goat meat also available.)

Frontera Grill
Chicago, IL
Goat Encacahuatadas: Braised Kilgus Boer goat, grilled white onions, ancho chile, avocado leaf, red chile-peanut sauce, Tracey’s peashoots, pickled red onions; $13.75. Birria: Tuesday special. Chile-braised Pleasant Meadows Farm goat. Runner beans, Napa cabbage, arbol salsa; $24

Jamaica Grill
Brooklyn, New York
Goat Roti: Tender cuts of goat meat marinated in curry and slow-cooked in a creamy curry sauce, with potatoes and carrots, then wrapped in a hot sunflower roti. (If you like it spicy, be sure to request a drizzle of special-brewed Scotch bonnet pepper sauce); $7


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