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Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Plants that pop

We have been working on supporting and expanding our plant-based menus by creating some tasty breakfast options, such as a Southern fried green tomato biscuit sandwich with tomato jam.

Greatest hits from noncommercial menus 2020

Techy tactics

Touchless environments coupled with increased customer service efforts will allow our students to remain a part of the process of creating the dishes they love in a safe and sanitary environment.

When coronavirus closed much of dine-in service in early spring, chefs had to figure out how to package items for carryout and delivery.

“We turned our fast-casual restaurant into a takeout concept featuring flatbreads, burgers, hot sandwiches, grain bowls and salads, and saw an immediate interest in those items.

We are reducing the variety of packaging options that we are using and creating menus that work better as an inclusive dish.

Rice bowls and salad bowls have been going well.

Quarantine cooking focused on comfort foods, especially in the beginning of the pandemic when the weather was still cool.

We developed an incredible pork tenderloin sandwich, and I can't wait to get it back out in front of our fans and students.

With the recent pandemic, we are actively researching immune-boosting ingredients to weave into our menus.

My team and I are playing with international flavor profiles like a slow-cooked Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a soft baguette with a housemade kimchi slaw, gochujang aioli and fresh cilantro.

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