Heirloom and specialty tomatoes

Heirlooms and local tomatoes are now arriving perfectly ripe in what seems like every solid color in the rainbow—as well as stripes. These restaurants make the most of this seasonal bounty, beautifying plates with slices of purple, yellow, orange, green and red to surprise both the palate and the eye.

True Food Kitchen
Phoenix, AZ
Heirloom tomato salad with watermelon, goat cheese, roasted cashews, cold pressed olive oil; $11

JG Domestic
Philadelphia, PA
JG Domestic Burger, Wolfe’s neck sirloin, bibb lettuce, Jersey tomato, 1000 island; $12

Cherry Tomato Gazpacho, Louisiana jumbo lump crab, virgin olive oil; $16

Washington, DC
I Carciofi Romana: violet artichoke, heirloom tomatoes, mache lettuce; $16

La Provence
Lacombe, LA
Louisiana crawfish tortaloni, English peas, heirloom tomatoes; $16


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