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Hoaxster spreads panic after falsely claiming man had come down with Ebola in Burger King

A hoaxster caused panic and disgust after spreading a false message that a man in a Burger King restaurant had come down with Ebola.

The person responsible for the false alarm in Madrid even went to the extent of mocking up newspaper headlines and then posted them on the social network sites to look like authentic reports.

Police say they have caught one of the people responsible for recent hoaxes and have warned they will prosecute anyone who relays false messages in the future.

The problem is escalating in Spain with false messages being posted every day, asking people to pass the alerts on and advising them to stay away from certain establishments, such as schools where teachers were falsely claimed to have contracted ebola to hospitals, health centres and universities.

The mock headline of "New case of Ebola in a Burger King in Coslada" went viral and even duped some media outlets who repeated the warnings.

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