ID NEWS: More industry acceptance of irradiation?

Yesterday the Reuters News Service reported that the U.S. food industry is "stepping up" use of new irradiation technology, galvanized by the record number of meat recalls last year.

SureBeam Corp., San Diego, which offers electron beam technology as a means of irradiation, is the major beneficiary of this move toward food safety treatment. The food safety technology provider says it anticipates processing up to 350 million pounds of beef this year, as compared with 15 million pounds in 2002.

Furthermore, SureBeam has reached a new milestone in foodservice, with the announcement that Performance Food Group, Richmond, VA, the nation's third largest broadliner, will offer customers its own private-label line of SureBeam-irradiated beef. (For more details, see ID Management Report lead story, 2/6/03.)


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