ID NEWS: New company targets federal feeding programs for food-safe produce

Food Safe, Inc., Perryman, MD, a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly traded Aquentium, Inc., has applied to sell its line of sanitized fruits and vegetables to government agencies, including the U.S. military, U.S. commissaries, VA hospitals and the USDA school lunch program.

"We feel there is a tremendous need for our product not only at the retail grocery level but obviously at the government level," comments Mark Taggatz, Aquentium ceo. "The Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia shipped $435 million of produce to the U.S. military worldwide in fiscal 2002."

The new company, which has applied for a USDA PACA license, has developed food safety processes that it says kills pathogens and bacteria, extends shelf life and removes pesticides. Food Safe also says its procedures guarantee a food-safe product throughout the supply chain, including distribution to the customer.


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