JTM Food Group Takes 2nd Place at Cincinnati LogistXGames

HARRISON, OH (September 9, 2011 - PR.com)—Earlier this month, JTM Food Group showcased its skills in logistics and distribution , finishing second in the Cincinnati regional LogistXGames competition. With the strong showing, JTM now advances to the Global LogistXGames in Louisville, KY beginning September 30.

Started in Louisville in 2007, the LogistXGames are a unique annual competition designed to promote the logistics industry and its professionals. It is also an opportunity for local and regional companies to build employee pride, establish teamwork principles and reinforce the safety standards vital to the industry.

“The Games give us a terrific opportunity to come together as a team and have some fun,” said Paul Burton, Transportation Director for JTM Food Group. “But more importantly, they shine a light on some very important parts of our business that don’t usually make the headlines. Logistics, warehousing and distribution.”

The LogistXGames consist of a series of events in which teams compete to claim the ultimate prize, The Golden Pallet. In 2010, the Games expanded to include regional competitions in Indianapolis and Cincinnati and JTM competed for the first time, finishing third. In 2011, the Games expanded to Atlanta. Later this month, the top teams from each market – including JTM – will travel to Louisville to compete in the Global LogistXGames for top bragging rights.

JTM competed with seven other companies in the Cincinnati regional, including teams from Home Depot, Verst Group, Kohl’s, Gap, UPS, NFI and Geek Squad. The Games include four events:

  1. The Pallet Puzzle Sprint: A team of three assembles and places 32 different-sized boxes on a pallet. The team with the quickest assembly and stacking time wins.
  2. Pallet Jack Relay: Using a pallet jack, 3-person teams run their pallet through an obstacle course. Teams must complete the obstacle course with all boxes on the pallet.
  3. Pick Pack Hurdle: A 3-person team moves its boxes from its pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing both positions and SKUs.
  4. Box Put: Teams will have packed one special box, during the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, with bottled Kentucky spirits using provided packing material. One team member will then throw the box for distance without breaking the contents.

JTM’s LogistXGames team members include Valerie Wandstrat, Cory Lasocker, Rick McRoberts, Ed Browning, Billy Gramann and John Coliflower.


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