Individuals influencing the direction of the restaurant industry


Leon Panetta to keynote RLC 2015

The leader of the successful hunt for Osama bin Laden will share what he’s learned during a career that began in a restaurant and ended in a Cabinet seat.


Courage after catastrophe: Kelly & Giffords’ story

Challenge has been a constant in the lives of Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords. In a keynote address at RLC 2015, the astronaut and former Congresswoman will share how they find the resolve to lead extraordinary lives, even after tragedy struck in the form of a mad shooter’s bullet.

Restaurant CEOs told RLC 2014 attendees that a valuable management tool is blundering, sometimes spectacularly.

Phil Romano has a knack for creating restaurant concepts that set industry standards. His next venture: Sharing that knowledge with the next generation of restaurant entrepreneurs.

With a B.S. in psychology and business, Sterling’s goals did not include professional bartending, but her skills turned out to work to her advantage.

Taking a less-than-traditional approach to restaurants, Brendan Sodikoff has launched a growing empire in Chicago in just over four years.

Barbara Lynch, chef and owner of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, credits a strong team for her success, but a bit of South Boston moxie doesn’t hurt.

Think your job is a challenging? The industry leaders that made our inaugural power list have faced some big mountains in their tenure and scaled them masterfully.

Denny’s CEO John Miller kicked off this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference with a call on the executives in attendance to suspend competitive considerations and end childhood hunger as an industry.

Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president, marketing and design at Pinkberry, gives advice to women striving to become innovative leaders.