Individuals influencing the direction of the restaurant industry


Remembering Paul Bocuse

The CIA called him the Chef of the Century. His influence may have been to show that fashion and classic culinary techniques were not incompatible.


Charlie Sarkis, Boston's pioneering multiconcept operator, dies at 78

His Back Bay Restaurant Group was an early example of the MCOs that are now found throughout the nation.

Dire warnings led off a session focused on government issues relevant to restaurant franchisees and franchisors.

Never mind AUVs, ROI or LTOs. We wanted to know what REM sleep is like for CEOs of the Future 50 chains—what percolates up from their subconscious when they drift off to sleep.

Franchisees are known to worry when their franchisor has multiple and potentially competitive brands in its fold. How do they know the secrets and strengths of their chain won’t be shared with a sister operation, undercutting the distinction of where they’ve plunked considerable money?

Executives of some big-time brands have jumped ship to steer operations at the smaller guys. Here’s a look at why.

Alshaya was among the recipients of the 2017 Global Restaurant Leadership Awards of Distinction.

Three hires have been made tied to business development.

Operators mitigate the risk of stale, inbred ideas by refusing to stay insular.

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