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Individuals influencing the direction of the restaurant industry


3 restaurant leaders being put to a test

Situations at Applebee's, Dunkin' and Darden will be true tests of some promising leaders' mettle.


It's not about the ceramics

Struggling to reach staffers who seem lost in their own world? Well, have you thought about pottery? That’s the improbable route Bill Strickland took when he set out to turn the disadvantaged of his native Pittsburgh into choice job candidates all but vibrating with enthusiasm. Now a world-renowned motivational authority, Strickland has agreed to recount how he molds workforce stars from prospects that don’t appear to fit the system. His delivery at the Restaurant Leadership Conference promises to be as unusual as the training approach he’s taken.

Phil Romano has a knack for creating restaurant concepts that set industry standards. His next venture: Sharing that knowledge with the next generation of restaurant entrepreneurs.

From the day she entered the restaurant business as a job analyst for Hardee’s Food Systems, Edna Morris has grown from leadership role to leadership role by dashing preconceptions through a combination of learning and resolve.

Summer Sims has been with the fast-casual chain for over 20 years.

Noble Roman's will work on franchise sales for the chain’s new stand-alone pizzeria concept.

Who has time for books these days?

Chris Morris' successor as president of California Pizza Kitchen has yet to be named.

The brand nabbed best website and other honors at the 2018 awards ceremony.

Capping off a night out with his wife last winter, Mark Snyder ducked into a local bakery craving a little something sweet.

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