Let them eat Wii

Unless you have a '50s-themed restaurant, juke boxes and sock hops don't meet the modern entertainment desires of customers that are used to loud noises, flashy images and high tech games. It's out with the old, in with the new and time for an upgrade of your entertainment technology.

Replace your clunky CRT TV with the JVC LT-42P300.
The JVC LT-42P300 is a fairly straightforward 42-in. flat panel LCD HDTV television set, with one exception. An integrated iPod dock lets you (or your customers) play videos, listen to music and show photos from iPods and iPhones. The included remote can also be used to control a docked iPod. When you're not iPodding it up, customers can watch sports and other shows in crisp HD. $849, jvc.com .

Kiss your old karaoke box goodbye and go digital with the Acesonic KOD-800.
Fumbling around looking for a song in the middle of a haystack of CDs is a sure way to put a damper on your restaurant's karaoke night. The 320 GB hard drive built into the Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke On-Demand Jukebox will hold 8,000 songs. The drive is removable for upgrading to a higher capacity. The system can rip songs into its digital holding tank for easy retrieval in the midst of a karaoke battle. $899, acesonic.com .

Mothball that ancient Space Invaders arcade game and install Golden Tee Live 2009.
The latest version of the popular coin-operated golf video game lets players upload their best shots to YouTube, play in virtual tournaments and explore five new courses. This is all tucked into a compact pedestal design with built-in wireless technology. You provide the flat panel monitor of your choice. $3,600, itsgames.com .

Give your restaurant an all-around sound upgrade with the Crown 180 MAx PACK.
If your restaurant sound system was installed back when 8-tracks were in style, it's time for an overhaul with the Crown 180 MAx Pack. Designed to hold up in the tough-love restaurant environment, this set includes four JBL professional speakers, a remote and a Crown mixer/amplifier. The system features an XM satellite radio receiver, paging capabilities, on-hold music output for your phones and plenty of hook-up options for your old CD player or new MP3 player. $699, crownaudio.com .

Pack up the board games and video poker and have a Wii night.
The Nintendo Wii gaming console has proven irresistible to all ages. Give your customers a reason to hang around by throwing a regular Wii party night. Multi-player games like Wii Sports, Rock Band, Rayman's Raving Rabbids and the newly released Wii Sports Resort are your best bets for getting the most people involved. $250, nintendo.com .


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