Mac & Cheese

Grownup versions of the childhood comfort food—macaroni and cheese—bring back nostalgic pleasures to restaurant diners. This American blue-box classic is being plated in more sophisticated ways on menus everywhere.

Café Venus
Seattle, Washington
Mars Mac N Cheese: Penne pasta in a saffron Cheddar cheese sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella, Romano and breadcrumbs; $10.50

San Diego, California
Lobster Macaroni ’n Cheese: Maine lobster, mini penne pasta, Asiago, brie and havarti cheeses; $24

Good Dog Bar and Restaurant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Baked Macaroni and Cheese: A blend of Gruyere, aged Gouda and aged white Cheddar mixed with a bechamel sauce and elbow macaroni, topped with corn flakes and baked to perfection, served with a warm blueberry corn muffin; $13

New York City
Parisienne: Mac-n-Cheese for the "upper crust." Creamy brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary. Nosh: $7.25; Major Munch; $10.75 Mongo; $19 Partay!; $47

Mother’s Bistro and Bar
Portland, Oregon
Southwest Mac ’N Cheese: Pulled chicken, bell peppers, jalepeños, Jack cheese, Cheddar cheese, sour cream; $12.95

Brooklyn, New York
DuMac & Cheese: Cheddar, Gruyere, Parmesan, bacon & radiatore; $14

Fred 62
Los Angeles, California
Mac Daddy & Cheese: Spicy version of the  classic, a molten belly bomb; $7.87

Rustico Restaurant and Bar
Alexandria, Virginia
Rustico Mac & Cheese: With mushrooms, pancetta, English peas & Asiago; $16


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