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Uno is getting rid of deep-dish pizza, and other April Fool's pranks

Portillo's, MOD Pizza and Auntie Anne's also got in some gags for the annual joke-filled holiday.
Photograph courtesy of Portillo's

No, Uno Pizzeria & Grill is not getting rid of its signature menu item.

Nor is Portillo's selling a giardinera-scented candle.

Nor is hay the most popular pizza topping in the state of Nebraska.

But a few restaurant chains tried to make us believe those things were true, at least for a moment, on Thursday, April 1, otherwise known as April Fool's Day.

"If you know Uno, you know that deep dish pizza is extremely important to us – but so is time and money," said Erik Frederick, Uno's CEO, in a fake statement announcing that the Chicago-based chain would be eliminating the menu item it is known for.

The statement goes on to list the many attributes of Uno's pies, such as handmade dough and an intensive baking process, before revealing that it was just kidding. 

"At the end of the day, we wouldn't be Uno without deep dish and deep dish wouldn't be deep dish without Uno," Frederick said. 

The gags give restaurants an opportunity to have a little fun while also marketing their products. Portillo's, for instance, admitted that while it won't actually be selling a candle that smells like pickled vegetables, it will be announcing a new giardinera-centric menu item soon. 

Meanwhile, MOD Pizza tried to stir up controversy with a bogus map of each state's favorite pizza toppings, including ketchup for Illinois, hot dog water for Florida and "I'm walkin' here!" for the state of New York.

It followed that up with a tweet claiming to show each state's favorite fast-casual pizza chain. While the nation may be divided on many issues, it apparently aligns on MOD when it comes to fast-casual pizza.

And while it is still unclear exactly what Auntie Anne's is up to, it seems unlikely that they will actually be putting pineapples on their pretzels.

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