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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


IHOP bet big on burgers, got a deserved salute

The chain’s publicity stunt was run up a flagpole, and it flew.


Jersey Mike’s to sponsor an e-sports league

The sandwich chain is getting on the gaming league bandwagon by sponsoring the League of Legends Championship Series.

From cocktails to pancakes to ramen, restaurateurs show support for LGBTQ communities with Instagram-ready offerings.

The pancake chain “rebrands” to highlight its new burger menu, with hopes of lifting late-day sales.

The chain has already worked with four municipalities on its Paving for Pizza program.

Meat-heavy items ranked high among consumers, who revealed the limited-time offers they were most likely to purchase last month.

The burrito chain is jumping on the esports bandwagon with its sponsorship of TSM’s "Fortnite" team.

From branded pool floaties to matzo ball soup subscriptions, here’s what restaurant marketers are unleashing now.

The recording, one of many ASMR videos on YouTube, is intended to relax viewers and play up the brand’s comfort food offerings.

New data reveals consumers’ favorite restaurant loyalty apps.

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