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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Restaurants use Twitter to drive post-holiday spending

When it snows, it, well, snows. Coming off a less-than-robust holiday season, restaurants in much of the country are battling heavy snowfall and bitter-cold temperatures, which keep could consumers at home. But that’s not a given.


The RB/FSTEC awards: digital all-stars

Arby’s, Whataburger, Waffle House and Shake Shack are among the winners of the first-ever RB/FSTEC Awards. The honorees were chosen in such categories as Most Tantalizing Food Porn, Best App, Best Single Social Media Post and Best Tech Project/Team.

The chain is leaning into the social media platform more than ever before.

As consumers try to meet their healthier eating pledges, some operators are bucking the trend and offering indulgent fare.

The original disappearing photo and video app is still hitting hard with teens and young adults.

Supposedly there's no such thing as bad publicity. These situations suggest otherwise.

Consumers reveal the five limited-time offers they are most likely to purchase and the five they find most craveable.

American mothers, all 82.5 million of them, are—surprise!—quite often swayed by the whims and desires of their children.

RLC attendees share their thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a major quest for those who come to Scottsdale Sunday: How to differentiate their brands in the eyes of consumers.

While most restaurant concepts try to hide their mistakes, covering up menu flops and operational disasters, Clover Food Lab puts it out in the open.

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