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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


8 tips for first-time attendees of RLC

Changes in the RLC’s content and a few tweaks in the format should help veteran show-goers get the most out of their visit as well.


How to collaborate on social media marketing

One of the big challenges in creating an effective social media strategy is forging seamless communication and collaboration between departments.

At a time where beauty bloggers rule the world—or, at least YouTube—some restaurants are finding success marketing the aesthetic benefits of ingredients.

Here's a preview of the multimillion-dollar messages that chains will be delivering via the big game.

This month has seen its fair share of restaurant controversy on the web. Here’s how three concepts are choosing to address current and potential snafus with followers.

KFC fans will have a change to grab a variety of KFC-themed merchandise starting at $4.

Humans are naturally social creatures, giving operators room to use TV as a marketing tool.

In research conducted from late January to mid-February, our staff monitored the two leading social-media channels for restaurants right now, Twitter and Facebook, counting followers and fans, how often consumers discussed the brand and the efforts of operators to foster that give-and-take.

Customer service is just as important online as it is in house. Here are four tips on how to win your customers over on Twitter if you make a mistake.

What are the steps to storytelling success? Chipotle and others shared specifics on what works. We've compiled seven ways to craft a brand message.

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