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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


3 trendlettes we’re watching in March

Restaurateurs are taking an inward look in March, examining what’s working and what’s not in their organizations and weeding out what they deem not worthy. Here are three ways business are being shaken up right now.


Who tweeted it best?

Brands looked to the Golden Globe Awards as a springboard to show off their menu items.

Veterans Day provides an opportunity to than the nation's service men and women—and maybe snag some traffic in the process.

RB's virtual roundtable of restaurant tech execs predicts the platforms and strategies that will spur engagement in the future.

Competitors say they've not felt the football fallout Papa John's cites as the main reason for a sales slowdown.

Take a look behind parent company CKE Restaurants' decision to split its twin brands.

What’s in a name? Plenty for these notable chefs, who have undergone recent legal battles over theirs.

Concepts aim to reel in customers with a variety of shark-related promotions.

The humble online blog has been a staple of many restaurants' web presence for years, so much so that the format has started to look a little stale. Tumblr is a blog site, but it's a bit different than its elders.

Attendees heard tips from chain leaders like Piada’s Chris Doody and were given an update on menu labeling by the NRA’s expert on the topic.

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