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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


How to apologize on Twitter

Customer service is just as important online as it is in house. Here are four tips on how to win your customers over on Twitter if you make a mistake.


7 tips to tell your brand story the Chipotle way

What are the steps to storytelling success? Chipotle and others shared specifics on what works. We've compiled seven ways to craft a brand message.

Professionals can work from anywhere these days, including your restaurant. And they're willing to pay for the privilege.

These entrepreneurs pitched their concepts on TV and won investment dollars.

Must-see TV is back, and operators have been seizing the moment with themed promotions.

These marketing mishaps and wins left a mark on operators and consumers.

Secret menus were once the way chains let hardcore fans know they were special. Now the means may well be doughnut- and pizza-themed sneakers.

Music can help make or break a restaurant experience, so with help from Technomic, we found the top 10 casual-dining playlists.

Restaurant Business’ ranking of restaurant operators—chains, independents and chefs—by social media activity.

To boost engagement with its “neighborhood” and generate some social media buzz, Applebee’s, the country’s 10th largest chain by sales, will turn over its Instagram feed to its customers for the next 12 months, Adweek reports, relying in a big way (although not solely) on user-generated content—read: free content—to populate the page.

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