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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


3 ideas for embracing sustainability

From bold marketing stunts to under-the-radar menu moves, restaurant chains are approaching sustainable business practices in new ways.


4 fresh riffs on happy hour

Operators are borrowing from the popular bar promotion to market salads, pizza and more.

The chicken chain goes with an unknown actor as its new colonel to “save money" for a new value offer.

The “We Beefin’” EP slams McDonald’s, Burger King and others.

Moviegoers get a look at Ray Kroc's legendary enterprise behind the rise of McDonald's.

Culver’s, famous for its Butter Burgers and frozen custard, is heavily franchised—only nine of its 427 stores are company-owned. But to keep messaging consistent and response time short, Culver’s centralizes its social media efforts, monitoring Twitter and Facebook from its home base 24/7. Tweets and posts fall on the agile fingers of the internal marketing team with help from an outside agency.

Instagram is proving to be the social-media platform to watch and learn from thanks to new stats and a backlash against McDonald's sponsored posts.

Brands hoped a little buzz would convince consumers to put down the candy and pick up a restaurant meal.

Until recently, consumers considered Chipotle one of the most trusted limited-service restaurant brands. After its food safety incidents, Chipotle now scores in the bottom six for brand trust.

Here’s a look at which rewards programs rise to the top, and why.

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