Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


6 chains acing Hispanic marketing

With Hispanics accounting for roughly one in five visits to restaurants, smart operators are setting their sights on that market. Here are the brands doing the best job.


Restaurants’ top menu deals and discounts this winter

Chains are doubling up on new dollar menus and value meals to spark sales during this slower time of year.

With change coming to the restaurant industry at warp speed, here's a snapshot of developments that signal where we might be barreling.

‘Tis the season for sales draws that go beyond gift cards.

The brand’s Cheesy Shampoo and Wakin’ Bacon Conditioner are available to order online.

American mothers, all 82.5 million of them, are—surprise!—quite often swayed by the whims and desires of their children.

Here’s what other RLC attendees took away from Day One of the 2014 Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Purpose and tone matter as much to consumers as price and taste. So operators are turning the page on standard marketing practices to make a connection.

Three major U.S. restaurant chains are giving their social media and loyalty programs a twist. Will those changes be brilliant, or a bust?

Sometimes the gloves come off in restaurant marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the standout brawls.

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