Is martini diet the next fad?

Does a new book, "Martini Diet: A Weight-loss Guide for the Self-indulgent," portend a new diet fad, like Atkins and South Beach, also sparked by self-help diet books?

Due out at the end of this month, the "Martini Diet," was written by Jennifer "Gin" Sander, who takes a tongue in cheek look at a diet based on indulgences like red meat, chocolate, and gin.

In the book, Sander cites a new Harvard study, which shows that regular moderate drinking can lower the risk of heart attack. This study, which followed 40,000 men for 13 years, found out that those who drank one or two alcoholic drinks 5-7 days a week lowered their risk of heart attack 30%.

Similar studies, says the author, show that caffeine is good for you, as is red meat and salmon and red wine and anything dipped in olive oil.

She urges readers to spoil themselves thin with The Martini Diet.


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