Meet the chef Q&A: Jeremy Lycan

“Pie has been around as a traditional platform for many, many moons,” observed Jeremy Lycan, executive chef at Sara Lee Foodservice. “Luxe Layers Premium Sliced Pies reinvigorate the pie platform, and there will always be a place in everyone’s heart for dessert.”

With dessert trending upwards these days, Chef Lycan and the Sara Lee team had a lot to work with when developing this new, decadent line of pre-sliced pies. After deep research into various factors, such as seasonality and classic and contemporary flavors, four varieties of Chef Pierre Luxe Layers Pies were created. With a layer of light, buttery pie crust in between two layers of gourmet flavored fillings, Chef Pierre Luxe Layers Pies not only satisfy customer desire for dessert indulgence, but also provide operators with a dessert option that is unique and on-trend.

An updated twist on the classic traditional pie dessert, Chef Pierre Luxe Layers Pies combine flavor and comfort in a new way. Sophisticated and approachable, each variety can be a great seasonal addition to any menu. “These flavors fit well with the different seasons,” explained Chef Lycan. “For instance, the combination of lemon and blueberry just screams summer to me.”

Chef Pierre Luxe Layer Pies are also easy to serve. Conveniently pre-sliced, these gourmet pies allow operators to cut out the labor and waste of traditional pie preparation and optimize their dessert service. “Since it is pre-sliced, it makes plating and portion control much easier,” explained Chef Lycan.


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