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This meeting is called to order!

Successful managers are good communicators... especially in the hospitality business! Yet only 7% of communication is actually heard, understood or acted on. What goes wrong?

We aren't born with sophisticated communication skills. Fortunately, these skills can be learned and practiced. Your next management meeting is a great place to start. Meetings are important for outlining priorities, solving problems, setting goals, and getting everyone on the same page. And when a meeting is productive, fun, and interactive the rewards can be enormous! Better communication, better training, lower turnover, higher profits, and a boost in professionalism, self-esteem and performance.

If you want your meetings to be productive and fun, keep these points in mind:

Give proper notice
Let attendees know about the meeting in advance, especially for mandatory meetings. Take potential conflicts into consideration so that if possible, everyone can be there. Maximum attendance = maximum productivity.

Create an agenda
Plan specific issues or topics to cover during your meeting. Make your agenda and give it to all attendees ahead of time so that everyone can be prepared, or request that new items be scheduled into the meeting. Need a sample meeting agenda? We've made one for you!

Timing is everything
Morning meetings are best. People are sharper, better focused, and a cup of coffee never hurts! Weekend meetings can work well, too. It depends on your hours of operation and your team. Again, maximum attendance = maximum productivity.

Set the stage
Keep the atmosphere bright, upbeat and professional. Set the room so attendees can see each other and converse easily. Be respectful of your team, start on time! This keeps the agenda on track, too.

And finally, no matter what happens during your meetings, be sure to end them on a positive note. Remember, meetings can set the tone for the communication in your operation. If you'd like more hints on how to make the most of your management meetings, read my 10 Commandments of Effective Meetings.

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