‘Mom on a mission’: Illinois legislator wants cleaner restaurant play areas

An Illinois legislator who describes herself as a “mom on a mission” wants a law that gives restaurants specific requirements for cleaning potty and puke from their play areas.

But a metro-east lawmaker says the bill is an example of job-killing legislation that scares businesses away from Illinois.

House Bill 1372 would require Illinois restaurants to clean their play areas and play equipment at least once a day and “adopt procedures for employees to follow when responding to vomiting or diarrheal incidents that involve the discharge of vomitus or fecal matter onto the surface or in the vicinity of the play area.”

Those procedures would include:

  • The indoor play area must be closed immediately.
  • Disposable gloves must be worn during cleaning, and a disposable mask and a gown or apron must be worn when cleaning liquid material.
  • The material must be wiped with towels and must be disposed of in a plastic garbage bag.
  • The affected area must be cleaned and sanitized with a chlorine solution to kill viral organisms.
  • The affected area must be allowed to air dry.
  • The gloves and gown or apron must be discarded in a plastic bag.
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