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Starbucks Sriracha coffee April Fools'

Starbucks debuts Sriracha coffee
The coffee giant finally jumps on the bandwagon, adding a fair market sauce that raises the price to $95 a cup; 'We want to make a difference in people's lives,' says chairman Howard Schultz


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Millennials realize they're finally satisfied
'Don't change a thing just for us'

Robots join Fight for $15
AI activists call for more system updates, a heart

Latest 'frictionless' restaurant is invisible
For diners who don't want to experience anything at all, ever

Fast-casual spinoff launches fast-casual spinoff
'We can't decide whether to call it fast-fast or casual-casual'

New street-food QSR features foods literally found on street
Local, sustainable, half-eaten, with separate Dollar Road Kill menu

Domino's tries telepathic ordering
Delivery customers now only have to think about pizza

Alexa snaps
'Order your own damned Starbucks coffee,' virtual assistant barks

New customizable concept lets guests build their own server
'It's like Match.com meets Olive Garden,' franchisee says

Pizza Hut stuffs crust with mini pizza slices
'It's a pizza within a pizza!'

Sam Fox unveils restaurant-themed restaurant concept
'It's where the industry is heading'

UN reports world supplies of quinoa, kale have dried up
Fast casuals now building bowls with hops, crabgrass

GMOs found to promote longevity
Chipotle, Panera rush to source foods with 'dirty' labels

Servers protest for tip-only pay format
'Just let us make some damned money'

Burger King debuts new 'plains' menu
Fast-food giant dials things back to fit diners' true personalities

Sustainable Restaurant Association debuts Dumpster-dive initiative
Trash-to-plate will be next big trend, president boasts

Next thing in mobile dining: Food monster trucks
Beastly Feasts caters to blue-collar diners with blue-plate specials

Just Salad founders split amid feud, rival concept emerges
Dressing on the Side features 13 fat-free vinaigrette options

Taco Bell debuts cannabis-infused nacho cheese in Colorado
The magic snack is available from midnight to whenever

The 50 hottest restaurants in America
See the eateries that keep their thermostats way too high

Restaurant Business editorial staff observes April Fool's Day
But you probably already guessed that


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