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Starbucks completes domestic rollout of Mobile Order & Pay

An upswing in sales from phone-toting consumers has prompted Starbucks to complete the U.S. rollout of its Mobile Order & Pay service more than three months ahead of schedule.


Domino’s marketing approaches nearly outnumber its tech offerings

Supplementing celebrity endorsements with faux PSAs and large-scale product giveaways, Domino’s aims to give digital ordering an even bigger slice of the (pizza) pie.

Success with tablets goes beyond just having them. Tabletop technology should augment your operation's service style, not allow staffers to slack.

“What you see in Starbucks is constant innovation,” said Howard Behar at this year’s FARE Conference hosted by Winsight and held in Nashville, Tenn.

Chains are scrambling to develop phone apps, pay-at-the-table options and other digital whistles and bells. But which of those do customers really want?

Speakers at this week’s FARE conference agreed that the off-premise market is undergoing a fundamental change, in part because of technology.

The four-unit experiment “is going extremely well,” CEO Kevin Miles told Wall Street.

A newcomer to the New York City dining scene foregoes seats, tables, even a walk-up window. Indeed, it doesn’t exist as a restaurant at all, just as a delivery app connected to a kitchen.

Krispy Kreme’s fans live for the “Hot Doughnuts Now” storefront neon sign that alerts passers-by that a new batch of doughnuts has just been baked and glazed. Now the chain is shifting the alert to cell phones via a new app.

The new technology enables customers to compare the wait times at units in their area, put their name on the list, and then monitor the time at which they’ll be seated.