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Excellence in foodservice operations requires a streamlined supply chain

Pair technology with logistics solutions to maximize efficiency
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Effective foodservice management requires operators who attend to every step in their supply chain. Without this focus and attention to detail, foodservice companies may find it nearly impossible to manage the complex web of suppliers, distributors and their overall cost structures. The result can cause gaps in the ordering process—and an overall lack of visibility, which can impact quality for growing foodservice providers.

Drive efficiency through automation

As consumer demands increase, the number of SKUs, suppliers and distributors required to meet them grow as well. Manual processing becomes even more costly and laborious. Beyond time and money, human error can cause price versus cost discrepancies and disrupt the flow of goods.

By creating automated processes that promote greater efficiency, operators must evolve their approach to provide centralized support for each of their restaurant locations. Today’s more modern purchase ordering platforms can do just that. Connecting all supply chain stakeholders with the right technology can streamline, automate and standardize the most time-consuming processes. Best of all, this technology provides visibility to long-term optimization opportunities.

End-to-end optimization drives incremental results

While technology platforms can drive purchase order efficiency, incremental cost savings can be achieved by pairing technology with continuous end-to-end supply chain optimization. Addressing pain points in one area of the supply chain may impact other supply chain elements, so understanding how all pieces of the puzzle work together is critical in successful supply chain management. Working with supply chain management providers that have holistic supply chain knowledge and can deliver multiple logistics solutions, will give operators the ability to drive incremental cost savings now and into the future.

Confidently manage food safety

The best supply chain providers understand that food safety requires collaboration. End-to-end supply chain insights and visibility to processes translate to network-wide control during critical food safety situations. When providers know what products are in each restaurant at any given time, they can act quickly and take the appropriate action.

Achieving supply chain excellence

While supply chain improvements are an ongoing journey, when executed correctly, foodservice operators can:

  • Reduce time, energy and resources spent on manual tasks
  • Gain full visibility to their supply chains
  • Ensure accuracy in the purchase order process
  • Reduce supply chain costs and drive efficiency

Through close teamwork with the right provider, results-driven supply chain problem solving can become a collaborative process. Choose a provider that combines technology, expertise and impactful logistics solutions to drive supply chain excellence.

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