How Bonchon’s Innovative Strategies are Revolutionizing the Korean Fried Chicken Market

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In the growing and changing world of food franchises, innovation is the key to standing out and making a lasting impact among consumers and potential franchisees alike. Bonchon, a global leader in Korean fried chicken, exemplifies how innovative strategies can propel a brand to new heights. From unique menu offerings to flexible store formats and record-breaking growth, Bonchon’s approach is revolutionizing the Korean fried chicken market.

Industry trends and challenges

The dining industry constantly evolves, driven by consumer demand for new and exciting culinary experiences. One of the most significant trends in recent years is the rise of global cuisines, with Korean food, notably, seeing a surge in popularity. According to Food & Beverage Insider’s 2023 report 63% of U.S. millennials have tried and 74% expressed interest in Korean BBQ flavors. This shift presents both opportunities and challenges for restaurant operators who must balance authenticity with broad appeal.

Innovative menu offerings

At the heart of Bonchon’s success is its unique double-frying technique, ensuring each piece of chicken is extra crispy on the outside while retaining its juiciness. This method, paired with Bonchon's signature sauces—Soy Garlic; Spicy; seasonal favorites like Yangnyeom; and K-BBQ—creates an irresistible flavor profile that keeps customers returning for more. Bonchon continually evolves its menu to include seasonal and limited-time items. The brand recently introduced the Yum Drum Trio, which started at $11.99, to capitalize on the growing desires of consumers for value-forward menu offerings. They will also introduce a brand-new Korean Chicken Sandwich later this summer, which will quickly become a fan favorite.

Flexible store formats

Bonchon’s adaptability extends beyond its menu to its store formats. The brand offers traditional dine-in and fast-casual setups, as well as innovative concepts like ghost kitchens and mall locations. This flexibility allows franchise partners to choose the best format for their market, ensuring maximum success. Bonchon’s planned airport debut in 2025 will further elevate its brand visibility and accessibility.

Growth and expansion

2023 was a landmark year for Bonchon, with record-breaking new store sales and over 40 locations signed. The brand's expansion into new markets, such as southern Miami, Little Rock, Ark., Tucson, Ariz. and Ann Arbor, Mich., underscores its growth strategy. Internationally, Bonchon debuted its first restaurant in France, with future openings planned in Laos and Taiwan, highlighting its global appeal.

Bonchon’s solution for franchise success

Bonchon’s approach offers a robust solution to the challenges the dining industry faces. Under the leadership of Suzie Tsai, Bonchon’s U.S. CEO, the brand has seen unprecedented growth. Tsai’s extensive experience in marketing and branding has infused new energy into Bonchon, driving strategic expansions and innovation. The brand’s supportive franchise model, including a white-glove concierge program, provides franchisees with comprehensive guidance, ensuring their success from the outset.

Potential franchise partners have an exciting opportunity to join a thriving brand and revolutionize the dining landscape. Bonchon’s commitment to culinary excellence, flexible store formats, and strategic leadership sets it apart as a leading franchise opportunity in the ever-competitive food industry.

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